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This month's featured recipe

Stuffed Breaded Tenderloin Sandwich


Chef: Darien Keefe


1 Bag Twister Brands All-Purpose


1 pkg  Tenderized Boneless Pork Loin

8oz.   Cheddar Cheese (1/2 " cube)

2      Eggs

1 cup milk


Butter for buns

1. Prepare egg wash according to

 directions on breading.

2. Add desired cheese cubes to half pork loin. Fold gently in half.

3.Dip in Twister Brands All Purpose Breading. Let set 5 min.

4. Fry on stovetop  on medium high heat with a little oil until golden brown. Around 160 degrees.

Or lightly spread olive oil on both sides and cook in an air fryer until golden brown.

5.Butter buns and lightly brown in skillet.

6. Arrange sandwich with your favorite toppings. Lettuce,pickles,onions, mayo 

  • tomatoes,  ect.

Fighting Fire With Fire Tour

99 Counties Complete! Mission Accomplished!


Twister Brands  has completed the 99 county #FightingFireWithFire tour! We set out to show our appreciation for everything our fire departments do for their communities and dropped off a case of our Spicy Peach Dipping Sauce at a fire station in every county in Iowa. We are so extremely humbled by all of the courageous people we met along the way. No one deals with heat better than these men and women!

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